Artwork for "Windings of the Dragon Track" completed.

Watch this space for further information on this forthcoming LP.

Skytree has completed a remix for the band Lotus. Click on link to purchase. The original track, "When H Bonds to O" appears on Lotus' newest LP, The Strength of Weak Ties.

The first official Skytree video, for an exclusive track titled Algae Rhythm, is now available via Youtube and Google Video.

Download the Algae Rhythm MP3 here.

Now Available for Order: Wilder Forest EP
Label: Earstroke
Format: 3" CD-R

(1) Pine Knot Fire
(2) Saint Croix Boomsite *
(3) Pendulum Vision
(4) Square, Mays and Terrapin **
(5) Inside the Black Oak **
(6) Ents' Meadow (Featherleaf)

The 3" CD-R is packaged in green mini-jewel cases with printed artwork, and hand numbered. Each order will ship with the very first Skytree stickers and as always with Earstroke, shipping is free.

* Full track available for free download.
** 1:00-1:30 min sample

01/02/06: Christ. of Benbecula Records listed Skytree as one of his top artists of 2006 on Textura. Full article here.

Skytree has been signed to Herb Recordings. A full length LP, available for download via services such as iTunes, Beatport, Sony Connect, and Napster as well as hardcopy CD, is currently in production. This will be preceded by a compilation appearance on Herb in the first quarter of 2007. Two preview tracks are available in the downloads section.